Step 1: Do I Have Gut Issues?

If you’re experiencing bloating, gas, exhaustion, rashes or even joint pain, you likely have Leaky Gut Syndrome. 

Leaky Gut Syndrome affects about 80% of people today—so millions could have it and not know. It's a condition typically found as a root cause of many ailments and diseases.

Answer the questions below to rate your gut inflammation severity.

  • Are you currently taking any prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen?
  • ​Do you have thyroid issues or sluggish metabolism?
  • ​Do you have low energy or frequent fatigue?
  • ​Do you have frequent diarrhea or loose stools?
  • ​Do you have weekly gas, bloating, or any other digestive issues?
  • ​Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease?
  • ​Do you struggle with seasonal allergies?
  • ​Do you get sick often or feel like you need an immune system boost?
  • ​Do you have food sensitivities or allergies (such as gluten or dairy)?
  • Do you ever go one or more days without a bowel movement?
  • ​Are your stress levels moderate to high?
  • ​Do you have skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, acne, or rashes?
  • ​Do you crave sweets or breads?
  • ​Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, or lack of focus?
  • ​Have you ever struggles with any type of Candida, yeast, or fungal issues or have a white coating on your tongue?
  • Do you have Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, or IBS?
  • ​Do you suffer from any type of pain, including joint pain or headaches?
  • Are you Sensitive to gluten or dairy?
  • ​Do you have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's, Psoriasis, or MS?




If you answered “yes” to fewer than two questions

You are currently very low on the gut inflammation scale. With proper care, your gut should remain strong.

If you answered “yes” to two or three questions

You may have some low level inflammatory response, and cleaning up your diet and changing your lifestyle will likely prevent you from developing full-blown Leaky Gut Syndrome and autoimmune problems.

If you answered “yes” to four or more questions

There’s a strong possibility that a prolonged case of Leaky Gut Syndrome has begun to manifest more serious health issues. While you pursue treatment for your other symptoms, seek targeted gut relief as soon as possible. 

Step 2: What's My Gut Type?

If you have mild to severe gut inflammation, you need to target the exact issues within your gut in order to follow a personalized plan to healing. Below is the gut type quiz from our 30-Day Course— Healing Leaky Gut.

Please note: This quiz has been extracted from our Healing Leaky Gut course. Therefore, your results will not be stored, and you may see some language about module navigation…please disregard!


Step 3: Start Healing Today!

The Health Institute offers a 30-day, online video course—taught by Founder Dr. Josh Axe—that covers the entire approach to healing each of the five leaky gut types.

In this course, you’ll get the customized, step-by-step approach to remove leaky gut triggers in your life—replacing them with healing foods to repair and rebuild your gut.

This actionable program walks you through the five stages to heal leaky gut, so you can finally overcome one of the root causes of many diseases, illnesses, and ailments:

  • Stage 1: Understand your Gut Type
  • Stage 2: Remove Inflammatory Food Triggers
  • Stage 3: Nourish your Gut Lining with Key Nutrients
  • Stage 4: Repair Organs with Supplements
  • Stage 5: ​Rebalance with Microbes and Probiotics

Our protocol focuses on fixing the root causes making your gut leaky in the first place—so you won’t just get better for one month or even six…instead, by following the customized diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes in this program, you’ll learn how to build a healthy gut that will support your health for the rest of your life.