215. Harnessing Saffron’s Power: A Natural Remedy for Depression with Nikki Bostwick

Date Aired: August 15, 2023 // Guest: Nikki Bostwick

Episode Description:

Join us in this remarkable episode as we explore the ancient healing benefits of saffron, a spice with a rich history of supporting the nervous system, gut, and brain health. Discover the secrets behind this treasured spice that has been revered for centuries for its remarkable therapeutic properties. In addition to saffron's wonders, we delve into the lesser-known realm of the coconut milk powder industry and shed light on the unregulated nature of its processing. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and potential risks associated with this industry as we navigate through its complexities. Tune in to uncover the transformative power of saffron and deepen your understanding of the coconut milk powder landscape, empowering you to make informed choices for your well-being.

  • What is Saffron?
  • Serotonin and gut support
  • Saffron for conditions of ADHD and Depression
  • How to use: tinctures, teas, and topicals
  • Dosing of Saffron
  • The undisclosed additives in coconut milk powder
  • Yoni steaming

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More About The Guest

Nikki Bostwick

Nikki Bostwick is the Founder and Editor in Chief of THE FULLEST and host of THE FULLEST Podcast. She has always been passionate about providing wellness content that offers a perspective outside the mainstream narrative — one that is holistic, diverse, and inclusive. Since launching, Nikki has grown THE FULLEST to include a daily digital platform, a podcast, a botanical product line, and a wholesale business alongside her amazing team. Nikki has been in the wellness scene for 10+ years — after receiving a B.S. in Entrepreneurship, she studied plant-based foods at Matthew Kenney Culinary, and is reiki & yoga certified.

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