202. In the News: Should You Be Taking Melatonin as a Sleep Aid?

Date Aired: June 30, 2023 // Guest: Dr. Chris Motley

Episode Description:

Are you intrigued by the influence of melatonin on your well-being? Have you come across contradictory opinions regarding its safety? Join us on this captivating exploration alongside Dr. Motley as we delve into the intricacies of melatonin and shed light on the following key aspects:

  • Defining melatonin
  • The role your genetics play in making melatonin
  • Practices for naturally increasing melatonin
  • Signs you may need to clean out infections
  • Defining the pineal gland
  • Mitochondrial function and melatonin
  • Infections in the sinuses and how they impact melatonin
  • Dosing and sourcing of melatonin

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More About The Guest

Dr. Chris Motley

Dr. Christopher Motley holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University and has been in full-time practice for over 15 years. His has two office locations: one located in the heart of Nashville and the other in Franklin, Tennessee. He works with in-person patients and virtual patient consults from around the world, focusing on kinesiology, biofeedback therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and treatment paths of acupuncture, bodywork, supplementation, surgery, rehab, or medications. Dr. Motley sees patients of all ages ranging from 1 day old to 96 years of age. Helping individuals with Lyme disease, liver methylation, parasites, SIBO, viral infection, hormones, fertility, and emotions related to these conditions is a passion of his, as well as, educating both online and in person. He is certified in acupuncture, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, and holistic methylation therapy.
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