197. EMF, Cell Danger Response, and shielding your body from the inside out with Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein

Date Aired: June 13, 2023 // Guest: Kylen Ribeiro + Michelle Klein

Episode Description:

Kylen and Michelle are the founders of Lightbody, a nutritional supplement company that targets supporting the body’s nutritional needs in fighting harmful effects of EMF. They explain why it’s so important that we protect our body from a cellular level, and what nutrients are most depleted by emf exposure. We discuss what creates cell death and how this can impact states of chronic disease.

Other areas of discussion are:
-The impact of emf on the gut

-Macular degeneration and night-time scrolling
-Circadian rhythms and melatonin
-Kids health habits with devices
-Why dirty electricity is the ultimate toxin


Listen to Part 1 of our EMF Dicssion with Defendershield:

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Listen to “197. EMF, Cell Danger Response, and shielding your body from the inside out with Kylen Ribeiro and Michelle Klein” on Spreaker.

More About The Guest

Kylen Ribeiro

Kylen Ribeiro is the Chief Executive Officer at Lightbody, and is responsible for leading the strategic growth of the company.

Her collegiate swimming career, B.S. in Marketing and Management, and MBA from Florida State University is complemented by a yoga instructor certification and background in digital wellness.

After finishing her MBA, Kylen secured an executive management position with one of the largest retailers in the world, where she honed a wide skill set that allowed her to make an immediate impact in her next role at DefenderShield. She became the Chief Operating Officer at the world-leading digital wellness company. She has been an integral part of creating an entirely new market of EMF protection, and is passionate about raising awareness about this growing public health concern, especially with regards to children.

Kylen and her team knew they could do more to help protect people from toxins from technology so they set out to complement their external protection products with supplements to help the body become more resilient to EMFs, blue light, and other toxins at the cellular level. Using the latest research and knowledge from their relationships with doctors, physicians, researchers, biologists, scientists, health experts and formulators, they created a new company, Lightbody.

Michelle Klein

Michelle Klein is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Lightbody and a founding member of the Lightbody Supplements team.

She played four years of NCAA volleyball at Elon University in North Carolina, where she got a BA in Journalism and minored in Health & Wellness Education and Business Administration. From there, she became the marketing manager at DefenderShield, a world-leading digital wellness company offering electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding products that help protect the body from technology and wireless networks. 

Michelle’s passion for providing people with engaging and informative multimedia content grew DefenderShield’s marketing department to where it is today. Michelle now serves as the Vice President at DefenderShield, where she helps pioneer digital wellness, while helping to launch Lightbody supplements as a complement to DefenderShield’s EMF protection products.

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