196. Frequency Medicine Part 2: Understanding Energy Fields In The Body

Date Aired: June 9, 2023 // Guest: Dr. Chris Motley

Episode Description:

Join us for an insightful episode on Frequency Medicine with our resident expert, Dr. Motley! Explore the fascinating world of energy fields in the body and discover their potential as a diagnostic tool for detecting infections. Plus, delve into other captivating topics covered in this episode:

  • How energy fields are created
  • Light amplitude
  • Amplitude and strength
  • Organ system frequencies
  • Frequencies as diagnostics in Chinese medicine
  • How blood sugar devices can measure frequencies
  • Improving resonant frequency for healing
  • Fascia and electrical signals
  • Healy devices

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More About The Guest

Dr. Chris Motley

Dr. Christopher Motley holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University and has been in full-time practice for over 15 years. His has two office locations: one located in the heart of Nashville and the other in Franklin, Tennessee. He works with in-person patients and virtual patient consults from around the world, focusing on kinesiology, biofeedback therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and treatment paths of acupuncture, bodywork, supplementation, surgery, rehab, or medications. Dr. Motley sees patients of all ages ranging from 1 day old to 96 years of age. Helping individuals with Lyme disease, liver methylation, parasites, SIBO, viral infection, hormones, fertility, and emotions related to these conditions is a passion of his, as well as, educating both online and in person. He is certified in acupuncture, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, and holistic methylation therapy.

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