195. The Energy Connection: How Sunlight Governs Circadian Rhythms, Mitochondria, and Hormonal Well-being with Dr. Amy Shah

Date Aired: June 6, 2023 // Guest: Dr. Amy Shah

Episode Description:

Dr. Amy Shah joins us again to further break down how the body responds to light. We learn that light controls the part of our brain that directs sex hormones, hunger signals, sleep rhythms and more.

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • Infradian rhythms
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Ultradian rhythms
  • The role of melatonin
  • Brain as the central clock vs. cells as the peripheral clock
  • The effects of changing time zones
  • How light affects dopamine in the gut
  • The best time to eat for optimal digestion
  • Coffee and your hormones
  • Ayurvedic body types
  • Hormones and weight gain
  • Cycles of detoxification
  • Circadian fasting rhythms


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More About The Guest

Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah has one of the most unique training backgrounds in the world. She trained at the renowned school of nutrition at Cornell where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and then she went graduate with honors from medical school for her research with her publication “Ct detection of acute myocardial infarction”. After obtaining expertise in both nutrition and medicine, she then completed residency and fellowship at the Harvard hospital Beth Israel Deaconess and Columbia University hospitals respectively. In addition to her clinical work she has written the book called “I’m So Effing Tired” and created amymdwellness.com

She speaks to companies like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Brave Enough Women's Medical Conference NBC Universal, Women in Retail Leadership Conference and TPG. She has been on top shows like the Today Show, Dr. Oz, ETV Australia and KTLA.

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