193. The Healing Brain: Neuroplasticity and Emotional Healing with Ashleigh Di Lello

Date Aired: May 30, 2023 // Guest: Ashleigh Di Lello

Episode Description:

Ashleigh Dilello shares her journey with chronic pain and how neuroscience holds the key to healing. In this episode, we discuss bio-emotional healing and how it influences physical pain and symptoms. Other topics discussed on this episode include:

  • The brain and nervous system connection
  • Bio-emotional healing
  • Creating safety within the body
  • Patterns that keep you stuck in stress
  • Addressing belief systems as a root- cause source of pain
  • The influence of past injuries
  • Neuroplasticity
  • How trauma to the brain changes the brain
  • The brain’s role in validating beliefs
  • Emotional pain vs. physical pain
  • Resurfacing emotional toxins

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More About The Guests

Ashleigh Di Lello

Ashleigh is a Mind Coach, Mother, Wife, and creator of Bio Emotional Healing, a revolutionary process based in neuroscience that helps my clients rewire their nervous system to create mind-body freedom.

At age 13, she was suddenly faced with a life-threatening illness that led to years of chronic pain, emotional trauma, and not trusting or feeling safe in my body.

Through her study of neuroscience and a 20-year journey, I was able to conquer the emotional, physical, and mental battle in my life to become an elite athlete, TV & Broadway star, Mind Coach and keynote speaker.

The Health Institute

The Health Institute was founded by Dr. Josh Axe to teach the ancient principles of health to the modern world. Our mission is to empower every individual to transform their mind and body through time-tested practices and protocols that have helped people heal for thousands of years.