183. When Infections Won’t Quit: The Sophisticated Design of Parasites And The Link To Your Emotional Health

Date Aired: April 25, 2023 // Guest: Courtney Bursich + Dr. Chris Motley

Episode Description:

If you thought your parasite infections were simply a matter of friend or foe microbes, this conversation is going to blow the lid off the complexities of infections—specifically recurring infections in the body.

Are you on the hamster wheel of feeling great then symptomatic again? There may be more to the puzzle of your health than what meets the surface.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode are:

  • Push/Catch detox
  • Supplements information
  • Emotions and organ systems
  • Biofilms and Quorum sensing
  • Energetic communication
  • Enemas and colonics
  • Herbs for parasites
  • Emotional clock (Horary Cycle)

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Listen to “183. When Infections Won’t Quit: The Sophisticated Design of Parasites And The Link To Your Emotional Health” on Spreaker.

More About The Guests

Courtney Bursich
Courtney Bursich is an AADP Board Certified Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  She has an obsession with knowing the body and finding the best ways to beat disease and live our best lives. After having her two daughters, she found herself burned out and tired of the modern-day approach to healthcare and the limiting mindset of “diet” culture. 

She began a personal quest to learn and help educate as many people as possible to improve the lives of those around her. In 2017 Courtney started a health coaching business to help individuals discover their best health potential.

Dr. Chris Motley
Dr. Chris Motley is certified in Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Acupuncture, and Craniosacral Therapies and specializes in Nutrition and Lab Analysis. Kinesiology is a diagnostic and therapeutic system that utilizes the body's muscular system to attain neurological information about a patient.

When Dr. Motley founded his own practice nearly a decade ago, he had no idea that it would grow exponentially simply by word of mouth. According to his patients of all ages, this can be attributed to the individualized and intuitive care he gives to each person in addition to his natural talents.
The Health Institute

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