178: The Power of Coffee: Using Enemas for Detoxification with Courtney Bursich

Date Aired: April 7, 2023 // Guest: Courtney Bursich

Episode Description:

Discover the power of enemas and how they stimulate the liver and enhance detoxification. We discuss the step by step process of doing an enema and how to optimize your results.
Other topics discussed:

  • Mechanism of action- detoxification
  • Importance of getting the right coffee
  • How to do your first enema
  • Pro tips
  • Benefits of doing a regular enema

Kion Coffee- Organic Enema Coffee
Pure Life Enemas- Coffee Enema Kits
Coffee enema recipe: 3 tbsp organic coffee with 32 oz of distilled water Boil water and coffee for 4-5 minutes (or use french press.) Strain coffee from water and allow to cool

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More About The Guest

Courtney Bursich
Courtney Bursich is an AADP Board Certified Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.  She has an obsession with knowing the body and finding the best ways to beat disease and live our best lives. After having her two daughters, she found herself burned out and tired of the modern-day approach to healthcare and the limiting mindset of “diet” culture. 

She began a personal quest to learn and help educate as many people as possible to improve the lives of those around her. In 2017 Courtney started a health coaching business to help individuals discover their best health potential.

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