175: Unconventional Therapies for Injuries, Stealth Infections, And Recovery With Dr. Noah Moos

Date Aired: March 28, 2023 // Guest: Dr. Noah Moos

Episode Description:

Dr. Noah Moos is a doctor of applied kinesiology and doctor of chiropractic. In this episode he teaches us about his unique way of helping people heal (including professional athletes) through targeted laser therapy.
Other topics covered include:

  • How to Reset the muscle and brain connection
  • Therapies for stealth infections
  • How your muscles are connected to your brain and infections.
  • Why your gut and your mouth may be the root cause of your health conditions
  • Biologic dentistry
  • The importance of lymphatics

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More About The Guest

Dr. Noah Moos

Dr. Moos is a cum laude graduate of Logan Chiropractic College in Chesterfield, MO. His work has taken him all over the world as a human performance specialist for Olympic Medalists, NFL, NBA, & many other professional athletes. He has also spoken nationally and internationally on the treatment of complex health issues. He has passion for helping patients that have often been given no hope of recovery. This comes from the fact that his mother was in hospice with an incredibly rare auto-immune disease, Wegener's Granulomatosis, when he was 3 years old. She was able to recover, and has beat the 10 year life expectancy of the disease. No one had any answers on why it happened and it left Dr. Moos with a drive to understand the body at a deeper level to be able to help people so they wouldn’t have to to suffer like his mother did. His passion for learning has lead him to obtaining many certifications and awards in the profession. Dr. Moos uses a combination of over 20 different techniques to assist patients in the healing process and help each and every person find the root cause of their condition and reach the optimal expression of their health.

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