166. Red vs. Near Infrared Light and Why Sunglasses are Blocking Healing Light Rays with Dr. Mike Belkowski

Date Aired: February 21, 2023 // Guest: Dr. Mike Belkowski

Episode Description:

Dr. Mike Belkowski talks to us today about the healing effects of red light therapy and infrared light. We learn about the sun's natural infrared healing capacity and why our indoor lifestyle has contributed to our diminished exposure. We discuss the applications of red light therapy and how red light drives energy in the body. If you’ve been on the fence about trying this type of healing therapy you’ll want to give this one a listen!

More topics covered in this episode:
-Potential of longevity based on genetics
-Difference between red and near infrared light
-Science of red light Dr. Jack Kruz (infrared researcher)
-Are sunglasses harming your health
-Near infrared for gut and brain health
-Red light and oral health
-Frequency of using red light therapy for physical improvements
-Light radiance and therapy dose

Mike Belkowski IG: @dr.mikebelkowski
Red light report podcast: Dr. Mike Belkowski

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More About The Guest

Dr. Mike Belkowski


Dr. Mike Belkowski graduated from the University of Montana’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2016. Months later, he started his own private outpatient practice, which is thriving today because of his holistic approach to physical therapy by integrating unique treatments, such as dry needling, cupping, blood flow restricting training, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and, of course, red light therapy. Impassioned to provide his patients with the most effective and efficacious treatment techniques, Dr. Belkowski is bringing that same dedication and enthusiasm to the red light therapy industry by providing the highest-quality & safest devices and, even more importantly, educating the masses on the countless wellness benefits of red light therapy and how to properly utilize this healing technology to achieve effective, real results.

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