164. Why You’re Tired, Cell Danger Response, Caffeine and Your Brain, and Building Energy with Ari Whitten

Date Aired: February 7, 2023 // Guest: Ari Whitten

Episode Description:

Ari Whitten is an energy researcher and pioneer. In this episode, he describes the mechanisms of energy production and how various factors like sleep, viral load, circadian patterns, and nutrition, all impact the cell’s innate response to produce energy. Ari shares what supplements, vitamins, and herbals are his favorites for supporting healthy and balanced energy, and how to learn more by connecting with his resources.

3:36 Ari’s history with EBV and personal journey
9:55 Cell danger response
15:35 What causes the energy production in your cells to shut down
23:10 Gut-mitochondrial axis
24:45 Caffeine and its impact on energy levels
27:43 Neurotransmitters and caffeine
36:08 Light and nutritional inputs for circadian rhythms 39:20 Melatonin and mitochondrial damage
52:36 Ellagic Acid from phytonutrients 56:10 Rhodiola Rosea for fatigue
57:09 Hormesis
59:24 Athletic performance and Astaxanthin
1:06:40 Supplement review

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Listen to “164. Why You’re Tired, Cell Danger Response, Caffeine and Your Brain, and Building Energy with Ari Whitten” on Spreaker.

More About The Guests

Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten is a renowned health expert, #1 best-selling author and the creator of The Energy Blueprint system for overcoming fatigue and increasing energy levels.

He is an energy and fatigue specialist who focuses on taking an evidence-based approach to energy enhancement. He is also a nutrition and lifestyle expert with a Bachelor’s of Science from San Diego State University in Kinesiology (with specialization in exercise physiology). He has been teaching clients the science of nutrition for over a decade.

Ari also has a background in exercise physiology and fitness, and holds two advanced certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist.

In addition, Ari recently completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology, an education which rounds out all aspects of his approach to optimal health: nutrition, fitness and psychology.

The Health Institute

The Health Institute was founded by Dr. Josh Axe to teach the ancient principles of health to the modern world. Our mission is to empower every individual to transform their mind and body through time-tested practices and protocols that have helped people heal for thousands of years.