155. Pregnancy, Postpartum and What it Takes to Build a Healthy Home with Allie Hobson

Date Aired: December 13, 2022 // Guest: Allie Hobson

Episode Description:

In this episode, Courtney sits down with Allie Hobson to chat about trusting ourselves in pregnancy, prep-work before getting pregnant and during pregnancy, caring for your body postpartum, and building a healthy home for your family with natural swaps – Mom hacks for healthier options for your kid’s medicine, food/snacks, and home.

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More About The Guests

Allie Hobson

Allie is an FNTP or a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Co-Creator of Root Cause Formula (a program designed to help women address chronic illness and optimal wellness through labwork, community and mindfulness), Co-Formulator of a foundational supplement line: Core Formulas and most importantly, a mom to her two boys, Asher (4 years) & Brooks (9 months). She lives in San Diego where she was born and raised and married her high school sweetheart! She entered the holistic health scene out of passion to heal her own body after being diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2016. It didn't take her long to realized her Planning & Architecture degree from USC was probably not going to be utilized as well as it could have been. She knew she had found her passion after going back to nutrition school while working a full time job and there was not enough room for both. She launched her own business in 2016 and has been seeing 1:1 clients up until she launched RCF with her business partner, Emily Morrow, a few years ago. Currently, this is where Allie sees clients and helps women optimize their health with lab testing and functional nutrition protocols. If Allie's not “mommying” or working, you can find her walking somewhere with a buttered Reishi Coffee in hand or on the peloton bike!

The Health Institute

The Health Institute was founded by Dr. Josh Axe to teach the ancient principles of health to the modern world. Our mission is to empower every individual to transform their mind and body through time-tested practices and protocols that have helped people heal for thousands of years.