146. Iridology 101: What Your Eyes Say About Your Health with Nichole Hosein

Date Aired: October 4, 2022 // Guest: Nichole Hosein

Episode Description:

Nichole Hosein is an iridologist that takes us on a journey to understanding our health from the evaluation of the eye. Nichole teaches us the study of iridology and sclerology and the various characteristics that can be evaluated to understand our health better.

Website: www.threesproutsholistic.com

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More About The Guest

Nichole Hosein

Nichole Hosein is a mother of three located in upstate NY. She was formally trained as a teacher but left the teaching profession to care for her son after a medical injury. 

She went back to school to become a holistic practitioner. That’s where she learned and fell in love with Iridology and sclerology. She is most commonly known in the health community for looking into people's eyes and being able to get a glimpse into their health. 

The eyes tell a whole story of your health and personality. She also loves working with women and children. Raising a child with autism has really taught her so much about the importance of raising children with proper nutrition, supplements and lifestyle.

She is a homeschooler, Muslim (convert), gardener, freedom warrior, always speaking her truth.

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