142. Getting Clear on Who You Want to Be with Mimi Bouchard

Date Aired: September 6, 2022 // Guest: Mimi Bouchard

Episode Description:

Mimi Bouchard is a thought leader in the self-improvement + wellness space. She has helped thousands transform their lives through her actionable and pragmatic approach to personal development. Mimi's guided meditation platform Superhuman has amassed thousands of subscribers that swear by the practice daily. Her top 100 Apple podcast “MIMI” has almost 4 million unique downloads.

On this episode, we sit down with Mimi Bouchard to chat about about envisioning your best self through active meditations. Mimi shares her journey that led to the development of her Superhuman app- a platform developed for people from all walks and seasons of life to step into their higher calling. Learn how she overcame personal struggles, built a 7 figure business, and the why behind her passion to change the experience of meditation.

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More About The Guest

Mimi Bouchard

Tech CEO and Personal Development Enthusiast, Mimi Bouchard is a thought-leader sharing her expertise in the health and wellness industry. Mimi focuses her practices and teachings on motivation, success, personal development and relationships. After undergoing profound transformation, Mimi was able to step into her power, creating her dream life, and now inspires others to do the same. As the Founder of Superhuman, she uses her pragmatic approach to self-development to revolutionize what it means to meditate; helping others live in alignment with their truest selves.

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