Are Hidden Toxins at the Root of your Symptoms?

It’s no secret that our modern day era in many ways has come at the expense of our health. We are inundated with endocrine disruptors, pharma drug residue, heavy metals, petrochemicals and plastic binders daily! All of these toxins can accumulate in the body and contribute to so many symptoms (skin, immune, gut, brain, adrenal, thyroid, and hormone.) What’s worse, is that we isolate symptoms and treat them without any consideration as to “why” they are occurring in the first place.

Detoxification has become so popular that it’s often viewed as a quick “cleanse,” when in fact it is so much more. Detoxification takes place every second of every day, and the moment it stops we cease to sustain life.

The trouble with toxins is that they find their way into our bodies (whether from food,

on our skin or in the air we breathe) and many of them don’t make it out of the body (heavy metals especially.) To make matters worse, before they can be stored away in fat tissue (toxins LOVE fat) they can hijack receptors on your cells creating confusion and imbalance in the body (hence why many are categorized as “endocrine disruptors.”) The downstream effects of even one chemical exposure are vast and many. No area of the human body is immune to the potential damage and long term effects that certain toxins can have.

Now for the good news…

Our bodies are designed to heal and repair so why do we struggle SO much with symptoms of imbalance? The answer lies in our ability to manage the stressors placed on our bodies. If we keep overwhelming the system we will never reverse symptoms or maintain vitality. Some toxins can be avoided and care should be taken to minimize exposure. For the things beyond our control, there are things we can do to offer our bodies support.

Here are 5 ways to address hidden toxicity in the body:

1. Assess your symptoms! If you find you experience any of the symptoms below, you may have a toxicity problem.

Frequent colds, poor immune response, metabolic imbalance (weight gain) despite good nutrition efforts) thyroid insufficiency, gut dysbiosis, bloating/constipation, chronic yeast infections, leaky gut, cognitive disorders (anxiety, depression), brain fog, hormone imbalances, skin breakouts, rashes, hives or other skin related issues.

2. TEST! Please DO NOT start a heavy metal detox or protocol without assessing your current physical state.

Moving metals without proper drainage and support in place can result in a worsening of symptoms. One of my favorite ways to test for metals is to use a hair tissue mineral analysis. Set up a free call with my team today to see if you would be a good candidate for this test.

3. Support your detox organs!

There are a number of required nutrients needed for proper detoxification and elimination. If you suspect you’ve got some sluggish detoxification going on (maybe you aren't pooping daily) then consider adding in these foods to your meals: sulfur rich foods like eggs, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, leeks, onions, and cauliflower, BCAA’s (think animal protein here,) leafy greens, fiber rich foods like legumes, nuts and seeds, bananas, and avocados and foods rich in antioxidants such as berries, greens, and citrus fruits.

4. Make sure your detox pathways are open.

Pooping, peeing and sweating are important functions of elimination. If you aren’t doing all three daily you may be suffering from sluggish detoxification. Focus on drinking ½ your body weight in oz of filtered water daily AND moving your body regularly to stimulate the lymph system. If you struggle with constipation try adding some magnesium citrate to your daily regimen and increase water and fiber intake.

5. Address potential exposures.

You can fix the leak by getting more buckets! If you don’t address continued exposure to toxic elements, you will continue to face an uphill battle with your symptoms. Start with obvious areas like your household cleaners, cosmetics, fragrances, shampoos, and other personal products. Always buy organic produce and high quality meats and animal products (my favorite source for meat is Crowd Cow.)

For other areas, consider looking into mold or other airborne pathogens. I have used this test for evaluating household mold and mycotoxin exposures.

Courtney Bursich

Courtney Bursich is an AADP Board Certified Health Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She has an obsession with knowing the body and finding the best ways to beat disease and live our best lives. After having her two daughters, she found herself burned out and tired of the modern-day approach to healthcare and the limiting mindset of “diet” culture.

She began a personal quest to learn and help educate as many people as possible to improve the lives of those around her. In 2017 Courtney started a health coaching business to help individuals discover their best health potential.