QUICK TIP: Back, Shoulder, and Cheek Breakouts

Have back, shoulder, and/or cheek breakouts? Check for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth).

What feeds SIBO? Anything that can create an anaerobic (oxygen free), acidic environment. The main culprit is refined sugar-white sugar, simple sugars and starches. You see, your digestive system has a balance of good bacteria versus the bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria start to win, they can produce a harmful toxins that can result in breakouts.

A simple step to help cleanse the Small Intestine is to avoid sugary food such as:

Simple sugars:
• Cakes, colas, baked treats, cows milk, and dairy products, etc.
• Corn syrup (High fructose corn syrup)
• Fructose-Fruit sugars
• Sucrose-sugar cane, sugar beets, maple syrup

Simple starches:
• White Potatoes
• Cereals
• Grains and Rice

Eliminating these foods can diminish upper back, forehead, and cheek breakouts.

The next thing to look at are your “elimination pathways”, such as the large intestine, small intestine, kidneys, bladder, length, and skin. These need to flow properly so the toxins don’t try to come out through the skin. To keep it simple, start by getting your bowels to move regularly to help clear up the small intestinal bacteria toxicity.

Remember, everyone is unique, and it's advised to find a holistic practitioner that can test products to help you clear out the small intestinal bacteria even further if needed. But here are some general supplements and practices that I have found help patients clear their skin:

Elimination Supplements:
Triphala Powder (by Banyan Botanicals)
Bowel Mover (by Cell Core)

Toxin Binding Supplements:
Biotoxin Binder (by Cell Core)
Takesumi Supreme (by Supreme Nutrition Products)

Daily Acupressure:
LI 4 and 20ST 1, SP 6, KI 27
Rub for 10 seconds on each point on both sides of the body three times a day. Do this continuously to keep your drainage system open.

Try these daily practices and see if they help to reduce your breakouts. If you still have breakouts reoccurring, that is a good time to find a good practitioner to help find specific spices and herbs to help clean out the digestive tract.

Dr. Chris Motley

Dr. Christopher Motley holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University and has been in full-time practice for over 15 years. His has two office locations: one located in the heart of Nashville and the other in Franklin, Tennessee. He works with in-person patients and virtual patient consults from around the world, focusing on kinesiology, biofeedback therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques and treatment paths of acupuncture, bodywork, supplementation, surgery, rehab, or medications. Dr. Motley sees patients of all ages ranging from 1 day old to 96 years of age. Helping individuals with Lyme disease, liver methylation, parasites, SIBO, viral infection, hormones, fertility, and emotions related to these conditions is a passion of his, as well as, educating both online and in person. He is certified in acupuncture, applied kinesiology, clinical kinesiology, and holistic methylation therapy.