109. What To Expect Working With a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Date Aired: January 18, 2022

Hosts & Guests: Courtney Bursich & Dr. Anis Khalaf

Episode Description:

Guest Dr. Anis Khalaf joins host Courtney Bursich as they discuss the alternative view of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. In the episode, we shed light on the different silos of medicine, common myths about TCM, and how Chinese element types play into nature!

More About The Guest

Dr. Anis Khalaf
Dr. Anis Khalaf, OMD, AP believes that all patients can improve their health through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Anis trained as a Primary Care Provider in Orlando, Florida. He is a licensed Acupuncture Physician and received his degree from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine. He owns his own practice Acupuncture Fit centrally located near downtown Orlando. His background started when he held his clinical rotations with a world-renowned Acupuncture Physician and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Zhi Liang Huo. Under Dr. Huo’s guidance, Dr. Anis mastered his famous five-point scalp acupuncture technique. His main areas of research interest are sports acupuncture, integrative medicine, scalp acupuncture, and acupuncture injection therapy.

Dr. Anis works with a various number of local professional sports athletes, is a member of the Florida Holistic Physician’s Alliance, committee member for the Orlando City Soccer Foundation, Food for the Poor, and co-hosts the “Back to Wellness” radio show with Dr. Jeff Shebovsky on New Talk 96.5 WDBO FM, has been a feature on the NBC affiliate station WESH2 News and is developing free alternative health screening programs for philanthropic use locally, nationally and internationally. His other areas of specialty are herbal medicine, infertility, addiction, weight loss, homeopathy, and food therapy. Dr. Anis Khalaf’s primary goal is to help his patients improve their health through Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine programs.

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